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A unique, modern photography service for discerning schools

You update your curriculum, your communications, your teaching materials and even your classrooms and yet most schools accept the status quo when it come to the photographs they offer their families. When talking to parents and teachers, we have found that they would prefer something more than just the traditional photo in front of a mottled background. One parent said “the photos always seem to be a frozen posed version of her - there is no life in them”. A Business Manager said “the kids sit down, the photographer snaps one picture, and they go.... assembly line format. Several weeks later the parents get the prints and sometimes they are decent and sometimes they aren’t. They would never get a choice”. With this in mind, we set out to modernise the school photography experience. We have a new format that gives your students rich memories and brings great value to the parents. Ideal for schools who want to stay ahead of the game, our school photos capture the essence of the joy and spirit in your students and the wider school community.