View School Photos Before Purchase

The changing face of school photography


Happy boys school photos

Multiple school photos for schools who want to offer their parents a better option

Traditionally, school photos have been sold to parents via two main methods: pre-paid or hard proofing.  Pre-paid is what happens with most school photo companies –  the parents decide on a package before photo day and send an envelope containing the payment along to the school on photo day.  The photographer then prints the photos and sends them back to the school.  Hard proofing is where proofs are sent home to families after photo day.  If parents like the photos, they can send an order to the school to be forwarded on to the photographer.

Contemporary school photography for schools who want to stay ahead of the game.

We have a NEW way of presenting school photos to families via an online proofing system.  There is no cost to parents until they have seen their photographs.  We photograph every child at the school (unless we are specifically asked not to) and we provide every family with multiple poses to choose from (including the traditional school photograph if parents want to order the same product that a sibling had in previous years).  If parents like what they see they can order photos.  They are free to mix and match the different poses within each package – they do not have to choose just one pose.  Families are under no obligation to purchase anything they don’t like.  Parents are able to order a single photo of their child – they are not locked into purchasing packages.  Schools do not have to collect envelopes on photo day or remind parents to return orders.  All we need them to do is distribute a letter to each student with his/her own individual gallery code prior to photo day and help with the photo schedule.  We will do the rest.

It is this innovation that is quickly changing the face of every school’s experience.