About Us

For thirty years Lindsay Addison Photography made photos.  Thousands of them every year.   In colour, black and white, sepia; passport-size to life-size.  There was a whole building full of printers and dark rooms and slide machines all humming away recording people’s memories.  There were picture frames to suit all decor and photo albums in a myriad of colours and styles.

Then one day the photo store closed.  The curtains were drawn and the doors locked.  The digital age had been born and people weren’t printing their memories any more.  They stored them on their computers, their CDs, their smart phones.  They no longer hung photos on their walls to enjoy every day.  They no longer spent wintry afternoons looking through the photo album from that last family holiday.  The printers fell silent.   The slide machines ground to a halt.  The dark rooms became cobwebby silent caverns that no one used any more.

But all the skill and all the know how still remained.

With this in mind we developed Pride of Geelong to showcase the stories of our inspirational youth through photography and to give them prints to enjoy both now and into their future.   There are some remarkable young people in our community who are doing amazing things.  But unless we write the stories down and print the photos of these young people the only record we will have will be in old phones that no longer work, or on discs that we can’t  look at any more because we stopped putting DVD readers in our computers back in 2014.

So yes, we are going to make photographs again.   As Lindsay keeps telling me:   “This is all I know how to do.   This is what I do best”