Ballarat School Photos

Are you a primary school in the Ballarat region? I’d like to offer you this opportunity to try our unique school photography service.

Are you bored with the same old school photographs?  Are you tired of collecting money from students, or hearing complaints from parents who want more choices?

Our goal is to give students and parents meaningful, exciting memories.  Parents can view their photos before they purchase them, sparing schools the headache of collecting money, and they can create their own unique photo packages by simply dragging-and-dropping the photos of their choice—creative, convenient, and easy.

Unlike typical school photography, My School Photos offers a contemporary format of photography that brings schools ahead of the times, and offers freedom, flexibility, and special memories to students and parents alike.

  • We have over 30 years of photography experience. We know how to capture great, exciting photographs—ones your students and parents will treasure forever.
  • We listen, and we appreciate that every school has different needs,   We are able to provide you with a personalised service and tailored products.
  • We believe that it is absolutely necessary to be open and honest with our customers and to communicate promptly, courteously and consistently
  • We have a range of photography packages that give you numerous options to offer your parents

Please take a minute to watch our short promotion video.  We would love to meet you to discuss your photo needs and to design something unique for your school.  Please call us on (03) 5221 1198 to arrange a time.

We look forward to meeting you.